Thursday, May 7, 2009

Completed Cover

I know this is a big jump from 'Step 2' to the finished product but between the stress of meeting the deadline and the random progression of my work I opted not to try and show any more steps. At first I was roughing in the colors and directional lighting for the figures but then got distracted by the sky which I finished perfectly before going back to work on the figures. At that point, I finished the guys in the background then finished the ground and trench wall behind them. Finally after everything else looked about done, I finished the main character in the foreground. This isn't really representative of the way I work it just happened to be the way this one developed. Anyway, here is the final piece and I feel good about how it turned out.

Step 2

After the drawing is done I usually like to start by laying down some flat under-paintings for each layer of the illustration.