Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ode to Penny Fathrington

On the surface, this may seem visually complex. But in actuality, it is the simple expression of my exalted emotions regarding one Penny Fathrington. He is at once mysterious and comfortingly familiar. With a sticky hand full of moist ribbon candy he has warmed hearts, healed homes, and reintroduced the famed Hogzilla into his natural habitat (the farmer’s market). Thankfully Penny’s angelic stories have begun to make their way from the original aging parchment and leather pelt pages to the digital realm of the blogosphere. And you can now enjoy them by clicking here!


Penny Fathrington said...

That is so awesome. And so in spirit w/ the man who as queitly as a bee sting has pricked and subsequently swollen the hearts of people everywhere.
Thank you...

jennifer said...

Oh man, you crazy.
And yet I'm oddly drawn into the stories. I'll probably visit that site again.
Your picture is a nice contribution.