Friday, May 9, 2008

What color was George Washington's white horse? Brown.

This is another book cover that I was working on at the same time as the last one I posted.  Though, this one took a bit longer because I got carried away making the horse look as realistic as possible and then I had to do that with the rest of the illustration so that it would all look stylistically unified.  Anyway, it is for a Virginia historical fiction and the chap on the horse is supposed to be a young George Washington.  The guy in the background is a mystery but you'll have to read the book to find out who he is.  For that matter, I will have to read it too because I don't really know anything about the books that I am illustrating.


Erin and Spencer said...

I firmly believe, not having read the book, that the nefarious person in the backgroud is none other than...I hope that you are ready for this...Ben Hensley!!!!! I never did trust him after he was kicked out of Farrer for drinking.
Not too mention that type always did hate George Washington

Hefnatron said...

Awesome job as always Kris!!!
I heard Washington is solving mysteries in this book...wonder if he'll be giving his horse Scooby Snacks? "I would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for that meddling fore father and his horse!"

The Green Lantern reference is the serial number in the top left of the comic book --2814 is the Green Lantern sector that Hal Jordan is a part of.

I'm really glad you liked the Shaun Munny! Nicole is nice enough to let me stay up to work on stuff whenever I have the urge!

Hefnatron said...

LOL! I didn't even notice that Indy does look kinda like me! Hmmm....interesting!

LauraLee said...

I think you are the mystery man and that you are hoping to be added to the book.
Then the title could be Where's KP?Instead of Where's Waldo????

Jake and Jessica Fillmore said...

Great picture!

The Eggett Family said...

You are Amazing - So talented

Rhonda said...
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